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Our Values

In order to understand who we are, it helps to understand who we are not.

At Genesee Capital Advisors, we don’t adhere to interests outside of our clients’ interests. We don’t let financial incentives guide our decisions that might jeopardize your prosperity, and we don’t sneak hidden fees into your costs. We are not limited to investment options that benefit corporations over the client.

We value trust and transparency.

As fee-only Advisors, we are fully committed to your success and financial wellness. We advocate for you. As your advisors, we take our fiducial responsibility seriously. We want you to know the truth about your money and the performance of your investments. Our software allows you to monitor your investments. We are always available to discuss your concerns. All fees are clearly listed on your quarterly invoices.

Because we are independent, we offer unique investment options in a format that is purposely designed to be easier to understand and more user friendly than the alternatives you may have used at other firms.

We know that your savings represent years of sacrifice. We work rigorously to minimize risk and maximize returns within the parameters we collectively establish.