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Our Approach

At GCA, we approach investing with you as our priority. When you join our team, we follow a natural process to help you reach your goals.

Take Stock

We start by getting to know you. The more we understand who you are and what you value, the better we know how to guide your path forward. Where you’re starting and what you hope for your future are fundamental considerations in formulating a successful financial plan. Ongoing conversation and education are both essential components in achieving a positive outcome.

Develop a Plan

With a solid understanding of your values and goals, we will discuss various investment strategies that could be used to achieve your short and long-term goals, within the context of a comprehensive financial plan. Analysis of the potential risk and rewards of these strategies will be presented as well.

Build a Portfolio

We will construct cost effective portfolios that align with the investment objectives we have collectively established.

Follow Up

Regular contact will keep you informed on your progress, as well as alert us to any changes in your circumstances. Maintaining clear lines of communication throughout our relationship is vital to successfully achieving your goals.